Types of Yoga Meditation and Its Benefits

To know what meditation is we need to go in our inner depth and need silence. We need to strip ourselves of all pride and passion, sluggishness of soul, selfishness, and sensuality. We need to concentrate more until we reach the inmost depths and touch the pure white flame.

First, we need to remove the dirt that is in our mind. There is a need to take care of your thoughts that means always think about positivity. It is true that thoughts are the obstacles of life. Only with your thoughts you can build a bright future as well as destroy your future. So, it is important to think positive.

What Exactly Is Meditation?

Meditation is a deep concentration on something, which could be image or anything else that gives us satisfaction and peace. It is the way which promotes physical and emotional healing. Meditation is a way to stop all the thoughts which come together in our mind. It is a state of awareness. If weare able to meditate correctly, we are fully lost in the world of calmness. The practice of meditation is a way to hold the connection to our true self. There are many types of yoga meditation with different benefits.

Types of Yoga Meditation

There are some best ways to meditate-

1.      Loving-Kindness Meditation

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Another name of Loving-kindness Meditation is Metta Meditation. Through this meditation, you can learn the attitude of love and kindness towards everything whether the person is your close one or enemy. In this method, you have to repeat the message many times until you feel the loving attitude.

This meditation helps to increase positivity and help to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.

2.    Mindfulness Meditation

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This is the type of meditation that exhorts you to remain present and aware in the recent moment. You can do this type of meditation anywhere and anytime. In this, you can feel the sights, smells, and sounds of your surroundings.

Mindfulness Meditation helps to reduce negative emotions and improve memory, emotional reactions, relationship satisfaction, and focus. You can improve your health by doing this practice. According to a health study, it is found that this meditation can lower the blood pressure when doing it on regular basis.

3.    Kundalini Yoga

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This meditation is a physically active form which is done by doing the movements with deep breathing and mantras.

This yoga can improve your strength and reduce pain. It also improves mental health by reducing stress level. This practice also helps to reduce low-back pain and increase the energy level in the body.

4.    Body Scan or Progressive Relaxation

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Another name for Progressive relaxation meditation is Body Scan meditation. The aim of this practice is to notice the tension and allows to release it. This type of meditation encourages to scan the body and helps to find the area of tensions. This practice starts from the one end of the body usually starts from feet and work through the whole. You can get relaxation in your muscles by doing this meditation. Most of the people use this meditation while going to sleep as this yoga helps to develop the feeling of calmness and reduces chronic pain.

5.    Trataka Meditation(Gazing Meditation)

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Gazing meditation is the best way to concentrate on one thing– this is all about fixing your gaze on one object. If you want inner stillness, static mind, and inner peace in your mind then this is the best yoga meditation for you. You can improve your concentration power by doing this yoga.

Benefits of Yoga Meditation

As meditation plays an important role in improving overall health. It washes the stress, fear, anxiety, tension, and confusion from your mind. It gives the power to think more and positive. Other benefits of yoga are that it:

  • Decreases cholesterol levels
  • Reduces production of “stress hormones”
  • Improves immune system
  • Lowers hypertension and blood pressure
  • Slows heart rate
  • Keeps your mind Calm
  • Increases oxygen level in your body

Beyond all these benefits, the greatest and the best benefit of meditation is that it gives a sense of calm and peace in your daily life. When we meditate, we are lost in the different world which is the world of peace. You can gain more energy and a profound awareness of the divine quality of existence. With regular practice, you will feel warmth and peace in your heart. Your actions, thoughts, and reactions will become unique from others.

Do not start today, start now!

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