There can be two reasons of waking up in the middle for the night and not sleeping after that, either you are possessed or you are suffering from insomnia. Insomnia is the ability when you are unable to fall asleep at night due to many reasons and by morning you are not fresh at all. […]


Bay leaf has been found to diminish glucose levels and avert type 2 diabetes in individuals with high-chance components for the sickness. It’s additionally incredible for enhancing hair development, lessening dandruff, and treating an irritated scalp. Bay leaf can likewise help recover your processing on track. A couple of studies propose bay leaf could be […]


Menopause marks the end of the monthly cycle of menstruation in a woman’s life. It is a natural occurrence. Menopause has taken place if you have not had any bleeding for 12 months. Most women reach menopause between the ages of 45 and 55, the average being around 51. Menopause before the age of 40 […]


Losing weight for some people is a big deal whereas for others it’s easy for others. People think so much while under the process of losing weight. For people who are working for almost 8 hours of the day and they have a desk job are likely to gain weight because of being in one […]

All you need to know about Type-2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a dynamic, interminable infection identified with your body’s difficulties with managing glucose. It is frequently connected with summed up inflammation. Your pancreas creates the hormone insulin to change over sugar (glucose) to the vitality that you either utilize quickly or store. With type 2 diabetes, you can’t utilize that insulin proficiently. […]

Surgical Day Care

Procedures Include Colposcopy Hysteroscopy Laparoscopy Preparing For Your Procedure No matter what procedure you are having, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. We would like to inform you of the Surgical Day Care process at our Hospital. PRE-OPERATIVE INSTRUCTIONS These are very important instructions you must follow in preparation for your procedure/surgery. […]


Colposcopy is a procedure carried out after some abnormal cervical screening tests. It involves a detailed examination of the neck of the womb (cervix) using a special microscope called a colposcope. It allows the doctor to see the extent of the abnormal cells and the degree of change in the cells. Treatment of abnormal cervical cells (if […]


I got ready and stepped out of the house as my friend was waiting outside. The moment I came out of the house, she said: “you know what Sneha, your Halloween costume would be a push pin, and all you have to do is to put a sesame seed on your head”. I laughed off […]