Safeguards Against Smog – The Winter Devil

Come winter, and the word on everyone’s lips is SMOG. Smog is a type of air pollution caused due to coal emissions, vehicular emissions, industrial emissions, forest and agricultural fires. Photo chemical reactions of these emission,  which containing harmful substances such as Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, smoke or dirt particles causes smog. It is a universal phenomenon, enveloping cities like Delhi, Beijing, Los Angeles, Lahore, Mexico City, Tehran.



The emissions from coal combustion are one of the main causes of smog , the fuel burnt from transportation sources contains carbon monoxide , nitrogen oxides , volatile organic compounds, Sulphur dioxide, and hydrocarbons and The volcano blast can also release high levels of sulfur dioxide along with a large amount of particulate matter which key components to the creation of smog. Smog Causes


Harm caused by smog

Smog is a type of air pollution that can harmful to human health, the environment, animals, plants, the whole nature. In human life smog can cause of health problems such as asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, other respiratory problems as well as eye irritation, lung infections, skin infections, headache, sore throat, nasal irritation and dizziness etc. Harm Caused By Smog


Way To Protect Yourself From Smog

  • Limiting outdoor activity, esp. by children and elderly and those having respiratory problems.
  • Avoiding unnecessary use of private vehicles. Timely servicing of vehicles will help reduce emissions.
  • Wear a pollution mask or cover your nose & mouth, and wear goggles to protect your eyes, when you are outside your home.
  • When inside the house, keep all windows and doors closed.
  • Incorporate jaggery (Gur) and honey in your diet.
  • Gargel with warm water before going to sleep.

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