Five Easy Ways to Detox

With non-stop parties planned all the way till New Year,

it is important to give your body a

mid-festival detox.


You can follow these simple detoxification rules to flush out the toxins.

Detox Cure


Eat Fiber Rich Foods




Include whole grains such as oats,  fruits, vegetables, salads, and sprouts in your daily diet.





Don’t Forget Your Drink—WATER

Drink More Water




Water, lemon water, coconut water, and fresh fruit juices all help to cleanse your system and keep you hydrated.





Cut Down On Sugar And Oil

Sugar & Oil




Lower your intake of processed food and eat home-cooked meals.






Eat More Dahi (Curd)

 Curd (Dahi) 



A wonderful prebiotic and probiotic. Make it a part of your diet in the form of chach, lassi, dip, or just plain curd.





Get moving




Do some moderate to high intensity workout, even something as simple as taking stairs instead of lift.



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