There can be two reasons of waking up in the middle for the night and not sleeping after that, either you are possessed or you are suffering from insomnia.

Insomnia is the ability when you are unable to fall asleep at night due to many reasons and by morning you are not fresh at all. Keeping the current generation in mind, this is the problem of many youngsters and nowadays, consulting a doctor has become easier, one can now consult a doctor online.

Symptoms of Insomnia

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  • Not able to fall asleep despite being tired
  • Not able to fall asleep again once awake
  • Taking sleeping pills and other methods to fall asleep
  • Being constantly drowsy during the daytime
  • Not able to concentrate during the daytime
  • Waking up early in the morning
  • Not a refreshing sleep
  • Waking up a lot during the night

Why insomnia is caused

Stress – You are dealing with a lot of stress which is taking a toll on your sleep timing. You are thinking all night and are not able to fall asleep. Anxiety, stress and depression are some of the most common factors for insomnia.

Medical problem – When it comes to medical problems then it means that you are not able to sleep because of a disease. Consult a doctor online to be cured.

Medications – Some of the medicines are so heavy that consuming them will interfere with your sleep. Medicines of blood pressure, slimming pills, stimulants for ADHD disorder, can interfere with your sleep.

Sleeping disorders – Yes, this is the main reason for insomnia. When you work in night shifts then your sleep pattern is totally reversed and the same happens with people who travel too much (jet lags). Also, if you are suffering from sleep apnea or you have restless legs then this adds up the list of the causes of insomnia.

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